Killington March 2011
Skaters' Weekend in Vermont

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 Cleo and Georgiana  Georgiana helping Till to drink a glass of water     Maki, Leo, Georgiana and Bogdan in the K-1 Express Gondola  Killington Peak  - Elevation 4241'  Bogdan at the Killington Peak       Lunch at 'K-1 Lodge'     Vermont Local Beer  Happy Hour - Sonic, Bog, Jared, Maki and Leo (Back) Suzanne, Bruce and Nic  Dinner Prep at Suzanne's  Till, Ronnie, Sonic, Bruce, Leo, Maki. Georgiana, Bogdan, Edmund, Michelle and Suzanne  Ran into Greg and Rich   Ramshead Mountain - Elev 3610'  Ramshead Mountain - Elev 3610'